Scrambled eggs with prosciutto

Bittman says: “Butter is back”

The news broke in March. A study in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that saturated fat does not cause heart disease. And even more surprising, there’s reason to believe a lack of saturated fat may be bad for your health. In short, butter is no longer the enemy. The New York Times‘ Mark Bittman said it best: “Butter… Read more →

saffron rice with herbs

Saffron rice with pistachios and herbs

My mom makes a killer mixed rice. She pairs white rice with bacon, fried sweet plantains, and scallions for her rendition of arroz de fiesta, which roughly translates to “party rice.” Her recipe showcases bold textures and flavors — savory, sweet, buttery, and crunchy. It’s absolutely delicious. But it’s also a very rich meal. In Jerusalem, the fabled cookbook by… Read more →

fennel salad whole - web

Fennel, zucchini, and pomegranate salad

If you’re using a mandolin, this recipe should only take a few minutes to make. Start by slicing the fennel, cucumber, and celery. Then brace yourself: The next step involves whacking the heck out of a pomegranate. (Here’s a neat America’s Test Kitchen video on how to seed the fruit.) This salad looks complex. But it’s actually really easy to… Read more →

roasted potato salad2 - web

Roasted fingerling potatoes with radishes

Fingerling potatoes are only the start. You could try this recipe with a variety of vegetables: cauliflower, red onion, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, anything. The method stays the same. Scatter them in a cast-iron skillet. Roast with lemon slices, garlic, thyme, or all three. Finish it all off with a sharp dressing. In this recipe, I used whole grain… Read more →